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Cancer Battle Pack

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Cancer sucks. It's a long, hard fight, and the only way to win is to stay inspired and mentally tough.

I created this Battle Pack with my Mom, a 16-year breast cancer survivor. We relived her own battle to develop uplifting, encouraging messages for each phase of the journey. We also added prompt pages so patients can help cultivate that critical positive mindset by writing who they're fighting for, what they're grateful for, and what they're proud of.

  • Craving the ocean waves? Or maybe a stunning sunrise? 4 interactive QR codes will transport the viewer to a better place at the click of a button.
  • A constant touchpoint of comfort and inspiration, the Battle Pack is built to last, crafted with synthetic paper, which is tear- and water-resistant.
  • The compact design can be taken anywhere.
  • Prompt pages help patients remember who they're fighting for and what they're most proud of.
What's in the box?

Each Battle Pack includes 4 gold charms to add some bling to a long day:

  • hope ribbon charm
  • bell charm so patients can practice ringing the bell!
  • 2024 charm
  • and a branded nameplate

We've also included our plush gift bag so the Battle Pack is protected wherever it may go.

Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack
Cancer Battle Pack


As I read through this I know you and your mom felt what I am feeling.


You are amazing! Helping us get through another day with your words.


I LOVE the positive sayings on the charm ring. It sits on my desk and I find myself looking at the positive quotes throughout each day! Thank you!

Soulfolio Co will donate 5% of all Battle Pack purchases to cancer research!
Buy 2 or more Battle Packs and enjoy 10% off!


How do you write on synthetic paper?

Ballpoint pens and permanent markers are recommended so your message doesn't smear.

Interested in buying in bulk?

Please reach out to with more details about quantity, desired delivery location, and your contact information and we'll get back to you soon!