Flipping Moments, Creating Connections, Illuminating Love.

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Flipping Moments, Creating Connections, Illuminating Love.

Introducing the Soulfolio Gift

About Soulfolio Gifts

Our dynamic flip card keepsake brings your family and friends together to share stories, celebrate moments, and shine a light on those you love.

An Elegant New Way To Preserve Memories

Unlike the traditional methods, Soulfolio gifts provide a unique blend of tangibility and elegance.

While scrapbooks can become bulky and memory boxes require space, the Soulfolio creation is sleek and compact, ensuring that your memories don't take up unnecessary space.

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The Soulfolio Effect

  • Unite Loved Ones

    The Soulfolio gift is a dynamic flip card keepsake acting as a powerful catalyst, bringing your family and friends together. With its captivating design and personalized touch, it creates the perfect opportunity to gather around and share heartwarming stories, strengthening the bonds among your loved ones.

  • Capture Precious Memories:

    Preserve your most cherished memories in a unique and interactive way with a Soulfolio creation. Its flip card format allows you to showcase a series of moments, capturing the essence of each event in a tangible keepsake. From birthdays to special occasions, Soulfolio gifts let you relive those priceless moments again and again.

  • Express Your Love and Appreciation

    Showcasing your affection has never been more heartfelt than with a Soulfolio keepsake. Personalize each flip card with touching messages, meaningful quotes, and your favorite photos, expressing your love and appreciation to those you hold dear. It's a thoughtful gesture that will be cherished forever.

  • Create Lasting Connections

    The Soulfolio gift is not just a product; it's a tool to create lasting connections with the people who matter most. By sharing stories and celebrating moments together, Soulfolio creations ignite meaningful conversations and foster a sense of togetherness that goes beyond the digital realm, making it a truly memorable and unforgettable experience.

I didn’t know people felt this way about me. I have never felt that much love.

Jim, Ohio

I’m overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of such a gift! It’s tangible evidence of the love others have for me, which is so special. My Soulfolio is something I will cherish for a long time.

Becky, Ohio

I felt excited when creating the Soulfolio - it made me feel like I was creating something really special for someone I love.

Christian, Chicago

Soulfolio Co gifts caters to diverse individuals and their unique needs

  • For Weddings

    Looking for a fresh new take on the traditional photo album? Paired with our plush gift bag, your Wedding Soulfolio becomes a traveling keepsake.

  • For Parents

    Elevate Mother's Day and Father's Day and every day with Soulfolio – the ultimate keepsake for parents to flip through cherished memories, celebrate parenthood, and shine a light on the love they hold for their families.

  • For Dog Lovers

    Unleash cherished tales, celebrate paw-some moments, and shine a spotlight on the canine companions who fill your heart with joy.

  • For Grandparents

    The Soulfolio is a heartfelt keepsake for grandparents to treasure and share the enduring stories, precious moments, and the joy their legacy brings to generations.